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Emergency shelter and housing for persons homeless in the Tri-Cities is available at the Coquitlam shelter & transitional housing facility at 3030 Gordon Ave., Coquitlam.  The facility, operated by RainCity Housing, includes 30 emergency shelter beds, 30 transitional housing suites and 30  extreme weather beds in a dormitory setting during periods of severe winter weather.

Emergency Shelter

The 3030 Gordon Ave. facility has 30 emergency shelter beds in single private rooms: 20 for men and 10 for women. Pets are welcome and three meals a day are provided. The building is staffed 24 hours a day, every day and the front desk can be contacted 24/7 at 604.474.0435.  If no one is able to answer when you call, please leave a message. Individuals needing shelter can show up in person any time.

Transitional Housing

Thirty self-contained suites of transitional housing at 3030 Gordon Ave. provide longer term accommodation (typically up to 2 years) for previously homeless persons preparing for independent living.  Supports are provided as necessary. To apply for a transitional housing suite, please contact BC Housing’s Orange Hall Office at 604.648.4270 or

Extreme Weather Response

3030 Gordon Ave. provides shelter space in 3 – 10 bed dormitories for an additional 30 individuals during periods of severe weather when the facility’s emergency shelter beds are at or near capacity. Pets are welcome and meals are provided.

An “Extreme Weather Alert” is called by the Tri-Cities Extreme Weather Response Coordinator and area service providers are notified of the additional shelter spaces that are available.

The extreme weather beds will be available for occupancy starting at 5 PM on the day the Extreme Weather Alert is declared. Thereafter, while the Extreme Weather Alert is in effect, intake will occur on an around-the-clock basis.

More Information

For questions about the facility or programs operating at 3030 Gordon Ave, please email the shelter manager at