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About Us

The overarching role of the Task Group is to identify, advocate for and coordinate the actions necessary to prevent and address homelessness in the Tri-Cities and build the capacity of service providers and community organizations to respond effectively.  The membership includes a broad cross-section of the Tri-Cities community.

Our vision is simple “A future where all citizens of the Tri-Cities have access to safe, secure and appropriate housing and the supports they need to retain it”, and our mission broad “To provide leadership to create a continuum of housing and supports for those who are homeless or precariously housed in the Tri-Cities”.

The Task Group’s roles, criteria for membership, leadership and the process for decision-making are established in the Terms of Reference.

The membership of the Task Group meets once every 2 months in a plenary session for updates on Task Group activities, decision-making and coordination of activities.  However, much of the work of the Task Group is done by committees – working groups which meet regularly to pursue specific objectives.


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