Tri-Cities Homelessness & Housing Task Group

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Thin Edge of Dignity (2014, 20 mins)

Dick Weinman, retired professor of broadcast communications at Oregon State University, author and former radio personality delivers a moving presentation about his experience in an assisted living facility


Vancouver: No Fixed Address (2017)

Charles Wilkinson’s feature documentary takes a look at the Vancouver housing crisis and takes an uncompromising look at the drama unfolding in Vancouver.


V6A (2019, 67 mins)

Filmmaker Ruggero Romano has called Vancouver home since 2106 and was moved to make a film about the inhabitants of postal code V6A. Designed to challenge expectations and dissolve the stigma projected onto homelessness, addiction and mental health, V6A is also an unexpected celebration of the resilience and beauty of the human spirit.


Us and Them (2016, 80 mins)

Filmed over a decade, the film is a deeply visceral film about transformation through human connection and shares the story of four people, revealing the heartrending realities of their lives on the street.


Where is Home?  (2016, 74 mins)

A documentary focused on homelessness and the complex social issues facing the City of Lethbridge, Alberta and other communities across Canada.


Real Stories (2018, 55 mins)

Behind every homeless person is a story. How did they end up living on the streets? How do they survive and what are their expectations for the future?