Tri-Cities Homelessness & Housing Task Group

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Criteria for Membership

The members of the Tri-Cities Homelessness Task Group have a commitment to achieving the Task Group’s mission, goals and objectives, and include federal and provincial government agencies; municipal governments; federal, provincial and municipal politicians; organizations either providing services to the homeless or having an interest in addressing homelessness in the Tri-Cities, local business and concerned citizens.

The criteria for eligibility for Task Group membership are:


  • oversight at some level of one or more of the 3 “essential elements” (housing, support services, and adequate income) of the solutions to homelessness, or
  • a provider of services which address one or more of the 3 essential elements, or • an intent to address one or more of the 3 essential elements and potential resources to commit.


  • resident of the Tri-Cities,
  • and experience and/or expertise in issues related to homelessness, and
  • time available for Task Group participation, including active participation in at least one subcommittee.

List of Member Organizations