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Educational tools

Homelessness – A Teacher’s Guide

This Teacher’s Guide was written in 2007 by Ethos Strategy Group on behalf of the Greater Vancouver Regional Steering Committee on Homelessness. The Guide was updated in 2008 and again in 2010.

The materials and activities in this guide are the product of a collaborative effort by representatives from the Greater Vancouver Regional Steering Committee on Homelessness, Ethos Strategy Group, the British Columbia Federation of Teachers, the Social Planning and Research Council of BC, and the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The information and materials in this guide are designed for senior elementary students – Grades 6 and 7 – but elements can be adapted for both younger and older students.

Learning about Homelessness in British Columbia – A Guide for Senior High-School Teachers

Learning about Homelessness in British Columbia is a resource guide for teachers to use with their students to support aspects of British Columbia senior high school courses, including Civics 11, Social Studies 11, Economics 12, First Nations 12, Law 12, and Social Justice 12. The lessons contained in the resource meet learning outcomes that are part of the mandated curriculum in the British Columbia Ministry of Education Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs). Teachers of other courses and grade levels can adapt lessons as they see fit. The resource is also appropriate for use with other youth and adult groups.

The resource includes:
– a teacher backgrounder on homelessness
– a set of activities and lessons on homelessness for teachers to do with their students
– a list of supplementary resources related to homelessness (teacher.s guides, films, books, reports)

Films on homelessness and related issues

A listing and description of both short and longer films on the subject of homelessness and related issues, including films from Vancouver and British Columbia, other Canadian films, and films from the USA and outside North America.  The list was published in February 2009

Homeless Awareness Calgary Committee Educational Tools

The Homeless Awareness Calgary Committee has prepared a series of tools for use in educating students and the general public about homelessness.  Although the tools apply specifically to Calgary and the province of Alberta, they provide many useful approaches to interactive learning about homelessness.

These tools were presented during the February 2009 National Homelessness Conference in Calgary. Any use of these tools should credit the Homelessness Awareness Calgary Committee.