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Melissa’s Story

Before I had the blessing and privilege of coming to Como Lake Gardens through the YWCA, I lived in Coquitlam but had to move several times before finding a home where I truly felt safe for my child and I. We had lived in 3 locations prior to here including one with a family above, but that turned violent and was very unsafe.

We then tried another place but were forced to move within a year when one night I was in bed with my young child and I heard 2 men on my patio discussing if they were going to break in thinking I was someone else. I was so scared I grabbed a butcher knife and put it under my mattress, stuck my dresser in front of the door and stayed awake all night. The next day I looked for a new home.

We lived at the last place for a few years but I got tired of coming home and smelling pot coming through my walls and getting dropped off and the police being at our complex almost daily. And the fighting of other tenants in the townhouses had become too much for my child and I. I knew that I needed to make a move again. So when the opportunity came to move to Como Lake Gardens I wasn’t going to let it slip through my hands.

We have now lived here 6 months and my child and I still can’t believe we live here. We are never afraid to come home and for the first time in my child’s life we enjoy being at home. And we aren’t afraid or embarrassed to have friends come over because of the violence or drug use in the past [in their old building]. Living at Como Lake Gardens has finally given me pride in where I live, a sense of community and belonging in an environment that is safe. But most importantly it’s the first time I feel like we have a home and can concentrate on the things that matter like my son’s education and my health. Como Lake Gardens is a blessing I am thankful for every day.

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