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For the Love of Dogs

Personally, I don’t own a dog but I do know people that do and I can tell you that they treat them like kids. Usually people may have one or two and sometimes more, but this little short story is about a lady who ended up homeless and had with her 16 dogs albeit there were newborns (11) and 5 full grown adults. This lady must have been a breeder as they were all Boxers. Now, news travels extremely fast on the street and within days of her becoming homeless we were informed of the situation and one of our teams responded. It took a little bit of trail breaking and a lot of mosquito bites but she was eventually located near the Coquitlam river. Upon first contact we knew something had to be done with the puppies as they were near the age of adoption. Well, once the word got out that there were puppies involved in this case people started asking how they could purchase one. The next thing I heard is that the whole bunch of them got bought up and then she moved camp. This time she moved to the south side of the bridge on Pitt River Road and it seemed that she thought she was safe there as it is Indian Reservation land if I’m not mistaken (please don’t quote me). However, once again she was discovered and asked to move once more and what she did this time was to move north, but still on the river in the Parks and Rec. side of the bridge. OK, I hope you’re following this because now another dog has just given birth to another litter of puppies so the count is back up to 15 or 16 again. At this point the City was aware of the problem and when it came time for the removal of the camp the S.P.C.A. was present as well as the Fire Dept. Parks and Rec. and the Police. On that day we were also there to observe and to provide support if necessary. Earlier in the day she must have had a friend take the puppies away as there was only the 5 adults there when we were there. However within an hour she and her dogs had disappeared saying that they had a place to go. My partner and I entered the camp for the first time and what I saw was, to say the least mind blowing. Imagine if you will, you’re walking down a wooded forest and on the side of the trail there’s a bookshelf full of weathered books and beside it lying on the ground a dead Boxer puppy. You’re standing there amongst a person’s whole life, dishes, pots, pans, towels, living room lamps, a box of videos, ornaments { some broken, some not } bikes, and I could go on and on but I think you get the drift. This lady loved her dogs so much that she would rather live outside to be with them than to have shelter and turn her dogs to anyone. Before I wrap up this story I want you to understand that the reason the dogs weren’t taken away sooner is that they were not abused, mistreated in any way and they were in perfect health. Where is she now? There are rumours that she has been seen in places such as Belcarra, Anmore and someone even said that they heard from a friend of a friend that she might be in Surrey.
Well, all I know is we haven’t seen her.
But if you happen to hear of any boxer puppies for sale we would like to know how she is doing.

by Darren Charuk

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